Customize These Features To Create The Custom Ring Of Your Dreams

If you don't want to buy a standard ring, you can get a customized ring that's made to meet your specifications. Whether you wish to buy a wedding ring, an engagement ring, or a personal ring to add to your jewelry collection, you can have all the right touches included when you choose to get a custom ring. Jewelers who custom design rings can add different features to give you the one-of-a-kind ring that will feel like it's truly yours. Here are just a few of the ring features that you can customize to create your ideal ring. 

Center Stone

The center stone often serves as the centerpiece for a ring, so you'll want one that stands out for the right reasons if you choose to add this feature. Diamonds are always popular center stones, and a beautiful princess-, cushion- or emerald-shaped diamond ring can look especially stunning if you're getting an engagement ring. A radiant sapphire stone can give your ring a ravishing shade of blue, or you may opt for a bright emerald center stone. Topaz can make your ring even more unique and comes in colors like blue and pink.

Ring Metal

If you want a classic-looking ring, you can go with traditional gold or silver metal for the band. If you have allergies to metals, titanium or stainless steel can be better a option. You may even have the option of getting the ring engraved with a special message or a beautiful design around the band. Multiple bands with the ring material of your choice can also be made if you want stackable rings.

Additional Stone Adornments

In addition to the center stone, you can have smaller stones included around the center stone as well as around the band. Diamonds and other stones can be added as side stones to give the center stone even more pizzazz. You can have single or multicolored stones installed around the band to make your ring extra sparkly.

Signet Features

If you want a signet ring instead of one with stones, your custom ring can include a signet design of your choice. You can choose to get your family's coat of arms engraved into the center of the ring to proudly show off your heritage. Special names, words, or religious symbols can be engraved as well.

No matter what style of ring you're looking for, you'll likely have the option of getting it customized. Contact a jeweler who specializes in custom design rings to explore your options.

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