Ideas For Matching Wedding Bands Beyond The Traditional

Traditional wedding bands are plain solid or gold and come with a stone. Sometimes they are designed as eternity wedding bands, which are designed with a solid ring of diamonds or other stones to create a circle of eternal desire.

Even if you and your significant other aren't traditional, you may want matching wedding bands to give your love for one another something special and lasting. There are many jewelry makers that would be happy to create unique wedding bands you can both enjoy, but if you're stumped for ideas, consider these.

Flower or herb infusions

Consider having wedding bands made with herbs or flowers from your garden placed in the bands. This can be done with resin, or patterns taken from flowers and herbs you enjoy that are then etched into the wedding bands themselves. If you love nature and want to have beautiful rings that depict this love, then consider having rings carved from wood and have resin or epoxy seal flowers in place. This will create beautiful, custom wedding bands you and your beloved can enjoy.

Crushed stone or stamped metal

Crushed stones placed around the inner rings of wedding bands can be charming and ethereal in appearance. So can having plain metal rings of silver, gold, white, rose or other metals stamped so they have an etched and textured appearance. If you want a more plain-style ring with some flair, then consider these options for your matching wedding bands.

Wood or antler materials

You can have your wedding bands made of wood, antler, or even solid stone like marble or other stones to give them a unique appeal. These rings can be as wide or as thin as you want them to be if you want them to appear more gender-oriented. You can have these rings made in a stacking fashion or as one single ring, and you can even have gemstones embedded in them for a more traditional touch.

Unique gemstones

Choose gemstones for your wedding bands based on favorite stones, colors, birth dates, astrological signs, and more. Some stones are very vibrant in color, like rubies, while others are soft and magical in design, like the moonstone. Each gemstone tells its own story, and nearly all of them can be incorporated into the perfect wedding bands for you and the one you love. Choose a budget and start shopping for your non-traditional wedding bands today.

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Traditional wedding bands are plain solid or gold and come with a stone. Sometimes they are designed as eternity wedding bands, which are designed wit