Wedding Ring Shopping? 5 Questions Every Couple Should Answer First

When an engaged couple heads out to pick out wedding rings, they would do well to sit down and have a planning meeting together in advance. What are some topics that you can cover as a couple that will help make the shopping trip more successful and more enjoyable? Here are five questions to discuss.

1. What Is Your Budget? 

One of the biggest issues that should be resolved before ring shopping is the ring budget. It may be too late to talk money once you get into the jewelry store and fall in love with a ring that you can't afford. Instead, sit down together long before the shopping trip and talk money. Come up with two potential budgets: one for a ring set and one for individual rings not in a set. 

2. What Style Do You Envision?

Most people have at least some idea what type of ring they want, even if the idea is vague. You might prefer certain metals (such as platinum or rose gold) or have an affinity for a particular diamond cut. At the very least, discuss how ornate or simple you envision your ring and whether you want to make a statement or keep it low-key. When you're on the same page, shopping will be easier and quicker. 

3. What Is Your Hard 'No'?

While you want to keep your mind open when looking at rings, it's okay to dislike certain elements or styles. Knowing what you don't like is probably more important to this process than having something already in mind. Talk about things you don't like about other rings (and jewelry in general) such as color, gemstones, stone size, or designs. 

4. Is This the Only Trip?

If you're not sure what type of ring you want, determine if this is more of an exploratory excursion or if this is the only time you can shop together. Having the option to think about what you've seen and learned, then return to build on that later can take the pressure off. However, busy couples may need to prepare better in advance so that they can do the entire job in one trip. 

5. How Can You Make It Romantic?

Finally, remember that ring shopping is supposed to be fun and romantic. If you just go to the jewelry shop, talk money, and feel stressed at the task, it may not feel like a celebration. Instead, plan an outing with other romantic elements included. You might plan a romantic brunch or dinner date for the day, pop a bit of champagne while shopping, or revisit an important part of your journey as a couple. Whatever you choose, just make the day count. 

While wedding ring shopping at a wedding ring store, it can be one of the best parts of your engagement period, but it can also be challenging. By planning together as a couple and answering these important questions, you'll craft a great day that ends with a pair of perfect rings. 

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