Are You About To Propose Marriage To Your Sweetheart?

Are you about to marry your childhood sweetheart? Or, maybe you have not known the girl you want to marry for a long time. Either way, was it a case of love at first sight? No matter if you've known each other since you were little or if you've known each other for only a few months, if you've decided to propose marriage to your sweetheart, you are probably very excited. Part of that excitement might stem from selecting a ring for your future wife.

Do you already know the kind of ring you want to buy your fiancée? If that's not the case, from arranging for diamond cutting to selecting other stones as part of the ring's design, here are some ideas that might help you.

Diamond Cutting - Perhaps you want a unique shape for the diamond that will be in your sweetheart's engagement ring. For example, perhaps you want a kite-shaped or an octagon-shaped diamond. Or, maybe you have decided to go with a heart-shaped diamond because your girlfriend has told you how pretty that type of diamond ring is.

No matter the shape, a diamond cutter will have the training and the experience to cut your diamond for you in order to customize the engagement ring you'll be giving your sweetheart. He or she will also know how to help you select the kind of diamond that would best fit the design you want. 

Even though it might cost a bit more to have your diamond cut for a custom ring, it might be some of the best money you'll spend for your fiancée. She will know that you went the extra mile to make her diamond ring one-of-a-kind. 

The Ring Design - Before the diamond has been cut, decide ahead of time what style ring you want for your fiancée. For example, if you went with a kite shape, does that mean that you'll also be putting smaller diamonds at strategic places of the kite shape? If you selected a heart shape, maybe it will be going into a very intricate ring setting. The octagon-shaped diamond might be going into a setting that is very contemporary. And, of course, you'll need to choose the metal for the ring. If your girlfriend loves to wear silver jewelry, consider white gold for the ring.

Perhaps you know that your sweetheart would love to have her birthstone as part of the design. If so, consider that as you design the ring. You get the idea, right?

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