Two Tips For Keeping Your Silver Chain Bracelet From Tarnishing

If you wear your silver chain bracelet a lot because it goes with most of your outfits, you may find that it starts to dull and change color after regular use. Because the silver is in constant contact with air and moisture, it will start to tarnish and turn a dark green color. To clean your bracelet and keep it from tarnishing again, use the tips below.

1.  Remove Existing Tarnish by Giving Your Bracelet a Baking Soda Bath

With a chain bracelet, it can be difficult to remove all of the tarnish in between the links without worrying about damaging the jewelry. One easy way to remove the tarnish without having to rub or scrub the silver is to give it a baking soda bath. For this method, you will also need a small bowl and enough aluminum foil to line it.

Once you have lined the bowl with foil, bring about a cup of water to a boil, and pour it in. Then, add a tablespoon of baking soda. Make sure you put a towel underneath the bowl since the chemical reaction between the baking soda and aluminum will make the water froth up.

As soon as you see this reaction, drop your chain into the bowl, and make sure that it is touching the aluminum foil. If you need to reposition it, use a pair of tweezers to keep from burning your fingers.

Let the reaction work for a few minutes to lift the tarnish off of the silver. Then, use the tweezers to remove the chain, and place it on a dry, clean polishing cloth to allow it to air dry.

2.  Help Prevent Tarnish by Storing Your Bracelet Properly

Once you have let your silver bracelet dry, you can put it away. However, you can take a couple of steps to keep it from becoming tarnished again by preparing its own space in your jewelry box.

First, line the spot with a clean polishing cloth on which to lay the bracelet. Then, after setting the chain on the cloth, place a small piece of chalk next to it. The chalk will help absorb any moisture away from the chain to help keep the silver dry and prevent the reaction that causes it to tarnish.

Using the above tips can help you remove and stave off tarnish so that your 12mm silver chain bracelet can stay clean and shiny. For more information about keeping your bracelet clean and in good condition, contact a jewelry store near you.

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