Are You Shopping For Your Wife's February Birthday?

If you are already planning what to do for your wife's February birthday, you are probably  a very organized individual who loves to plan ahead. On the other hand, you might be planning a February event for your wife because you know that from now until January you'll be super busy with things like extended business trips or other activities. No matter the scenario, from selecting amethyst jewelry for your wife's February birthday to arranging a special event for your wife, here are some ideas that might help you.

Choose Amethyst Jewelry - Did you already know that the amethyst is the birthstone of people who were born in the month of February? Or, maybe you went to a jewelry store and asked the salesperson to help you with that information. Either way, your wife probably counts herself very fortunate to have such a beautiful birthstone to honor her month. You might think that all amethysts are deep purple. However, don't be surprised if the salesperson shows you amethyst jewelry pieces that have red, deep violet, or even light lavender as the color of the stone.

Consider buying your wife a sterling silver bracelet with an amethyst as the focal point of the design. It's true that sterling silver will need to be polished periodically, but it's just a perfect setting to show off amethyst stones. Another idea, if you want the gift to be truly sensational, is to select a set of amethyst sterling silver jewelry pieces. Besides the bracelet, think of buying her earrings and a necklace, also with amethysts as the stones to complete the set.

As an additional gift, consider buying your wife a black silk tunic and black slacks. They will be the perfect outfit to show off the gorgeous amethyst jewelry she receives for her birthday.

Choose A Special Event - Since you are giving your wife special amethyst jewelry for her February birthday, consider taking her out someplace special so she can show off her new jewelry. For example, select an elegant restaurant that she has never been too before. 

Perhaps you want to give her an even more special event gift. One idea is to take her on a cruise. If you do that, she will probably love wearing her amethyst sterling silver jewelry for the elegant evenings when passengers are expected to dress up in dressy clothes. However, don't expect her to just wear her new jewelry for elegant occasions. They jewelry will also look great with her favorite jeans and a great T-shirt. 

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