Why It's Smart to Sell Broken Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

If you have several pieces of broken jewelry, you might struggle with what to do with them. While one approach is to get them fixed, you may feel resistant to this idea if the pieces aren't items that you find stylish to wear any longer. One option that you should entertain is to sell them to a local pawn shop. You may not know that you can do so without having the jewelry fixed, either. Many pawn shops will take pieces of jewelry that are in various states of disrepair, so consider bundling up the pieces that you're ready to part with and taking them to your local shop to get an offer. Here are three reasons that it's smart to sell jewelry, even when it's broken.

It's Only Taking Up Space

Each time that you open your jewelry box, which could be daily or several times a week, you may notice the broken pieces of jewelry that you own. These pieces are taking up valuable space in your jewelry box and potentially causing stress. For example, when you see them, it's a reminder that you need to do something with them at some point. If you're not going to wear them anyway, taking them to a local pawn shop to convert to cash can free up space and reduce the stress that you feel.

Selling Privately Can Be Expensive

Selling jewelry privately is always an option, and there are many websites that allow you to do so. The problem in your situation is that the average person isn't likely to want broken jewelry, which means that you'll need to pay to get the pieces repaired before you list them for sale. This can present not only a considerable expense but also the hassle of finding a jewelry repair service and perhaps visiting a few different services to get different quotes. And when you sell, you may end up with less money in your pocket because of the repair expense. Selling the broken jewelry helps you to avoid the expense of repairing the pieces and the hassle of doing so.

It Can Still Hold Value

It's easy to look at several pieces of broken jewelry dismissively because you assume that their current state negates any value that they might possess. While this is true of inexpensive jewelry, the reality is that many jewelry pieces hold value regardless of the state that they're in. For example, if a pair of diamond earrings are missing a couple of claws and their backings, you've still got a pair of diamonds in your possession—and they carry value no matter what.

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