Be A Hero With Gifts Of Sterling Silver Jewelry This Christmas

Are you still Christmas shopping for the girls in your life? Don't stress, as you can probably get every single gift you need right in one store. If you have decided to give sterling silver jewelry, from selecting a delicate necklace to starting a silver charm bracelet, here are some ideas that might inspire you to get exactly the right gifts. You'll more than likely be a real hero!

For The Little Girls - Can you imagine the look on a little girl's face when she opens a pretty box and finds a delicate piece of jewelry all for her very own? Whether you are shopping for your own daughter, for a niece or for any other little girl, consider buying a sterling silver chain with something like a heart charm as part of the design. Another idea is to buy a charm that represents her current interest. For example, if your little girl is a ballerina, think of buying a sterling silver charm of ballet slippers. 

The The Teenagers - Do you have teenagers on the list of gals for whom you are shopping? If so, think of starting a silver charm bracelet as your gift. Consider selecting an initial charm. For example, if the teenager's name is Melissa, buy a fancy letter M. If you are feeling super generous, of course you can load up that sterling silver bracelet with charms that represent things. For instance, buying a charm of a tiny house will send the message that home is an important place to be. If the recipient of the gift loves dogs, choose a charm of her favorite breed. 

The Older Gals - Whether it's for your own wife, your mother or any other grown woman, sterling silver jewelry will be a great gift. Consider getting a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings or a pair of chandelier sterling silver earrings. Enhance the gift by selecting a bracelet or necklace, or both items, that match the earrings. For women who love dramatic jewelry, a heavy sterling silver cuff bracelet would be perfect.

The great thing about sterling silver is that it goes with almost everything. For example, a sterling silver bracelet will be perfect with jeans and a casual shirt. The same bracelet will take on an elegant look when you pair it with something like a little black dress. Sterling silver and gold look good together, too. For example, consider buying a couple of thing sterling silver bracelets and a couple of thin gold bracelets that can be worn together. Contact a jewelry dealer, like J  Austin &  Co, for more help.

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