Advantages Of Moissanite Engagement Rings Over Traditional Diamond Rings

Moissanite rings are becoming incredibly popular. It's easy to see why: not only are they extremely attractive, they're also far more affordable than diamonds. Though diamonds may be more traditional than moissanite, there are many selling points for this unique gem.

Moissanite Is a Fraction of the Cost of a Diamond

A moissanite gem of similar quality to a diamond will be a fraction of the price. Diamonds are incredibly expensive, and much of the cost of an engagement stone is due to its perceived value. Diamond engagement rings plummet in price after purchase; their resale value is very limited because their cost is tied up in the actual engagement. Moissanite will retain its price better even though it may cost less.

Moissanite Doesn't Have the Same Moral Baggage

Today, diamonds are very closely associated with moral and sociological issues. "Blood diamonds" are so named because they are mined in war-torn or dangerous countries, often by children. There are many slaves and indentured workers who have been forced to mine for diamonds due to their perceived value, and many of these individuals are injured and killed in the pursuit of these gems. Moissanite is lab created and doesn't have this moral baggage.

Moissanite Doesn't Adversely Effect the Environment

Diamond mining can cause considerable harm to the environment in addition to the human cost outlined above. Mining is often done without regard to the surrounding environment, which can lead to damage in areas that would otherwise be untouched. As a lab-created gem, moissanite is far more sustainable than diamonds. 

Moissanite Has Superior Fire and Clarity

Moissanite has a better refractory index than diamond, which is often known as its "fire" or its shine. This means that moissanite rings will actually be shinier and more sparkly than a more traditional diamond engagement ring. Moissanite also tends to have better clarity than natural diamonds because lab-created moissanite is strictly controlled. This is especially true when moissanite is compared to diamonds of similar cost (because low-quality diamonds cost much less).

Moissanite is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Not only is it durable, but it is an attractive option. Many individuals cannot distinguish moissanite from diamonds, and moissanite can appropriately mimic characteristics of upper-end diamonds at a very low price. Moissanite is also becoming steadily more popular and more available as the market is slowly shifting away from diamonds.

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