Choosing The Right Diamond For Your Custom Made Engagement Ring

Are you planning to ask your loved one to marry you and you want an engagement ring that is made just for them? Having a custom ring made adds to the romantic gesture of a marriage proposal. It tells your significant other that you love them in a way that is uniquely special.

When designing your custom engagement ring, you will want to be sure that you choose the perfect diamond. To help you become familiar with popular diamond cuts, here's an overview:


If you are looking for a classic diamond cut, round may be the one for you. This traditional cut shows off the diamond's radiance. The round cut allows the detail of the diamond to shine.

This cut is perfect for someone who stands out in a crowd!


The princess cut is preceded in popularity only by the round cut. This cut has four 90 degree angles that give the diamond a square or slightly rectangular face. This brilliant cut must be set using prongs to protect its corners. It is versatile in that it works well in many different settings.

If you are proposing to someone that is brilliant and shines like fireworks lighting up the sky, the princess cut may be the one for you.


The emerald cut is a clean rectangular cut of diamond. The top of the diamond is flat and gives a hall-of-mirrors effect. Originally used for cutting emeralds, what is referred to as a step-cut is used to create this elegant look.

Someone who prefers simple elegance to glitter may be best suited for this cut of diamond in their engagement ring.


Similar to the emerald cut in that it is done in steps, the Asscher cut diamond is square and has larger step facets than the emerald cut, creating a high crown and smaller table or top. The corners of the diamond are cropped, giving this cut a bit of an octagonal shape.

Simple brilliance can be used to describe the Asscher cut. Someone who prefers to be comfy and casual may be the perfect candidate for an engagement ring with this diamond.


A heart shaped diamond engagement ring speaks of undeniable love. Heart shaped diamonds are brilliant and beautiful. In this cut of diamond, it's important that both halves of the diamond be the same. The symmetry is what gives them their brilliance.

Anyone would be thrilled to have a heart shaped diamond in their engagement ring. It shows the world how much they are loved.

As you can see, there are a number of choices when it comes to selecting the right diamond for your custom made engagement ring. You will have fun working with your jeweller while you decide what will best suit your loved one for this very special occasion. For more ideas, contact  a local jewellery store like Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design

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